Dad’s inner work… leaving one’s ‘self’ to enter nakedly with no agenda. #livinguntilwesaygoodbye

Dad is working.  I can tell.  Deep internal work.  Letting go of his physical body.   I haven’t seen his eyes today.

They remain closed as he concentrates.  His color good.  He’s a strong motherfucker.

We, the family, continue to putter around.

Simply being a loving presence near the person, holding their hand, sending loving thoughts, silently praying, meditating, just being there for them provides a comforting, safe and peaceful atmosphere that facilitates the person’s inner work.  [source]

I organized all his artwork today and went through his shelves.  I found an old journal Dad kept 2007-2008.  It’s filled with gems- accounts of his life at Evergreen House.  I will start sharing it soon.  It’s delightful, heartwarming, bitter, warm, funny.

“White hair bandit stuck in the chute room. Could not get out. Very close to the chute which gave me ugly thoughts.”

Laughter opens the heart and can free one to see past appearances and circumstances, leaving the burden of self and entering into a instant oneness with another, that is blissfully rewarding. [source]

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