My Dad’s #journal recounts the daily trials and tribulations in Rm 207. #residentialcare. PART 4

Found journal.

 Roar Thorsen recounts the daily trials and tribulations in Room 207 and the halls of a residential care facility.


Roar had a debilitating stroke on September 2005.

On February 14, 2007, he moved into room 207.






[My father loved driving.  LOVED it.  After his stroke, he never drove a car again.  Amazingly, the occupational therapist arranged for an electric wheelchair.  Dad loved the feeling of being independent and free on that thing.  I always had my heart in my throat though, as dad was very unaware of his left side (after the stroke) and needed supervision.  It made for great laughs and excursions.]

Dad, el. chair

The next step at Evergreen is to start training the use of an electric wheelchair, only that it can be used if a third person walks beside the wheelchair when we are outside as a safety precaution.  I have already started a few times driving around the block and down to Lonsdale.  There has to be a person walking beside me for security.


Soon I will start a refresher course with the electric wheelchair (Susanne) if possible I will “rent” one unit pending a time suitable for Susanne.  Once I will roll away with someone to watch me and to avoid bad things.  Thereafter, I would want to go to the park, possible with Tobey on leash and Nina [Katarina] or Fred, a guardian.  

Dad/ Tobey



I love my room, my work table and the window facing north.  I love everyone of the nurses and staff and their positive attidue and fun talks.  I love my life.


Stay tuned for

Part 5: bus tours!

Part 6: toilet routine!

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