Celebrating being what @SusanAkaSARK calls SPLENDIDLY IMPERFECT. #journalexercise

There is a lot of joy in the mess and chaos of living as a “splendidly imperfect” human being.


Draw yourself in the centre of the sheet.


On one side list things that come to mind when you think of the word IMPERFECT. Don’t worry about getting it all in or making sense. Just keep writing:


I am a hoarder and have lots of clutter, I don’t exercise enough or eat well enough, I avoid conversations, I am covered in moles, my body is sagging and aging, I just want to write and draw, I am always second-guessing myself, I have huge debts that keep me awake at night, I miss Sweden, my carpets are filthy, my bathtub is broken, my dishwasher is broken, I have trust issues, I am not a good friend, the walls need painting, I make too many promises, I get overwhelmed and need cave time, I am not elegant, I judge, I am ugly, I am exhausted, the word yet is misspelled in my book, “yut,” I am addicted to coffee, I am a pushover, I am tired of working on the DTES, I don’t know how to value myself, I am not original, I don’t have sufficient income, I had to sell my car, my nails are too short, I miss my Mom and Dad and haven’t had the time to grieve…

Now on on the other side, respond to that list to show that you are actually SPLENDID.



I live in my art space and am surrounded by creativity.

I am 50+, almost 51, and doing great and enjoying my consumption and routine.

I need me time.

My body is perfect for it is alive.

I am a dedicated person.

I have been able to juggle my finances on super low income in order to live as an artist and open myself to abundance possibilities.

My new career is starting and I can catch up on all my debts and fix-it needs and go to Sweden and live my dreams…

I love being married to ME.

I have a book with my name on it and I facilitated a legacy.

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