Sunday #journalexercise. Boundaries and Owl Wisdom- come from a place of wholeness.

I’ve been thinking about boundaries and the wisdom in defining them.  The image of the owl came to mind as I journaled this AM.


Because owls and all creatures of the animal realm are pure energy, and they come from a place of wholeness. As such, they communicate in a unified voice. They speak in the language of the trees, the wind, the moon, the sky, etc.


I found a great article which helped me process the importance of boundaries in my own life.  The advice has the silent wisdom I saw in a tiny owl I watched in a tree at 1:30 AM a few months back.

I stood for 30 minutes just watching this little guy stare back at me.  I knew I was receiving a message.  I didn’t quite know yet what that message was.  I feel now that the message is to listen to MY OWN INNER QUIET WISDOM.  It’s there if I just stay quiet and listen.

I have been searching for the kind of owl it was and finally saw the kind in this video:

The article:

One of the biggest mistakes I have when it comes to setting boundaries is thinking (or hoping) that the person I am attempting to set limits with will understand me (and why I have the values I have).

They do not need to understand me, I need to understand myself…

What setting boundaries means:

  • Setting boundaries means you are taking responsibility and standing by your personal code of ethics and values.
  • Setting boundaries reflect your right to say NO to things that are not right for you.
  • Setting boundaries means you are learning the importance of self-care, self respect, and self love.
  • Setting boundaries emerge when we learn to go within, listen to our authentic selves, value our own decisions and trust ourselves.
  • Setting boundaries emerge from knowing what you believe, dislike, or like is important and relevant.
  • Setting boundaries emerge from  deep introspection and the realization of what you deserve and do not deserve.


Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 9.54.26 AM


Spend some time looking at owls.

Draw them.

Read the article on boundaries.

Listen to your inner wisdom.


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