Making the task more ME… #mindmaps #visionboards #projecteverything

On this rainy Saturday, it’s time to re-focus on the projects I am working on by using:

Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 11.39.21 PM

I am getting clearer as to the multiple directions in my life and how they actually all relate nicely to each other and feed each other into A LIFE OF ART.   Each category needs full attention to come to fruition, but by relating them all to each other through imagery, connection and layout, I keep it simple.

To make the task more ME and to make me energized, I tend to collect images I love and draw them out.



For a visual learner and do-er like me, it’s the perfect way to stay on task and to have a check in and to ease anxiety.



Then I add notes and analyze and type out… It’s just SO MUCH MORE FUN doing it as a piece of art…  Plus I practice drawing at the same time!


I keep all the boards and check in on all of them daily.  Just a glance is enough to remind, to create inner dialogue, to stay on course, to trust.


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