“Leaving behind in autumn’s advent…” My father’s last tax filings.

I filed my father’s taxes and submitted his will.  All is done.  All is wrapped up regarding both my mother and father’s paperwork.  How very strange.

There was no probate as my father died with no savings, no life insurance, no assets… but I am left massively rich, with a full heart and peaceful soul.  Their memories contained in mine.


Their boxes of files remain, and despite intermittent moments of self-doubt, I know I did the best I could.


I have no unfinished business with mom and dad, though I miss, miss, MISS them.

As always, Neruda helps in the heaviest moments.

From Heights of Macchu Picchu: I

Pablo Neruda

From the air to the air, like an empty net,

I went wandering between the streets and the

atmosphere, arriving and saying goodbye,

leaving behind in autumn’s advent the coin extended 

from the leaves, and between Spring and the wheat,

that which the greatest love, as within a falling glove,

hands over to us like a large moon…


I leaned my head into the deepest waves,

I sank through the sulfuric peace, 

and like a blind man, returned to the jasmine

of the exhausted human springtime.




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  1. The heart of a dancer, is to move gracefully and as full of expression as possible through movement. You accomplish this with your words. Portray it through your Art and Seal it all with a smile that welds the fact that pain and wonder travel together. They Inhabit the same space in our veins. The love of love is who you are Kat. And its wonderful to watch and follow.

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