How are you taking charge of your life?  How are you taking responsibility for you?


Write it out:

Exciting times as I take the next steps in my life.  I mind-mapped it out, made the decision, circled the date on the calendar and now executing the plan.  

I’m taking the “risk” to dive fully into a free and creative life, come what may. Diving fully into MY LIFE and moving away from frontline service providing.  At age 51, with grown kids and a full, intense and beautiful past, I am taking the advice of my father and taking charge of me. 

I am responsible for me.

I am allowing the old triggers and guilt to ride through my body as physical symptoms, not anymore than that.  I dialogue it out with my support network and let the tears flow as need be.  


Decision is a risk rooted in the courage of being free. – Paul Tillich

Tomorrow is one year to the day that my father and I pressed send to the publisher.  We celebrated by a cheer and signing our names in our favorite book.  Dad passed away 10 days later.

One year later, my heart is full of gratitude from his teachings.  “Just do it.”  I have been moving towards my new future ever since.

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  1. lean~in says:

    Taking charge of my life, I wrote this am. And here today, 8:24 am ESTm In this, your blog, new to me, your declaration appears. It was the video of your father, the Blk ‘n Wht snapshots, his telling, his hands, his subtle use of small, white sticky labels that brought me closer to your sketches…then the new business you are heading. Glad to have your thoughts to review and cheer.

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