Tools for anxiety- esteem hearts at ArtQuake 2014

I was honored and elated to be part of ArtQuake 2014 at SFU Harbor Centre yesterday!

ArtQuake envisions a transformed world where every youth is a vehicle for change, fueled by their own creative expression.

The theme of yesterday’s event was Madness Matters: Re-creating Mental Health Through Art and Community. I provided two workshops on my Esteem Heart exercise.









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  1. Your blog is remarkable. I’ve been using this project with my daughter who lives with a severe mental health disorder with some adjustments to help her through the process. I was overjoyed to witness what she calls “good tears” as she worked last night. I’m so impressed with your posts.

    1. Kat Thorsen says:

      I have “good tears” reading this. This TRULY means SO MUCH to me. Much love to you and your daughter.

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