Same image, different context. What is the truth? #molly #graphicnovel

I took down my “working wall” for my graphic novel, Molly. I am planning to put up a cork wall to start creating the Molly AUTOPSY image I imagine. The story of Molly will unfold in the various peel-backs of the autopsy, while at the same time following a 5 act structure.

It strikes me how different one image can be when overlaid on top of various other images. The story becomes quite different even though the image by itself remains the same. The image may convey fear, power, escape, despair, consequence, obliteration, youth, jadedness, loss of innocence etc. depending on the juxtaposition.






This rings true for life itself. What we may think is THE STORY about ourselves, an event, someone else- may look totally different when looking at it in a different way. We make assumptions. We jump to conclusions. I want to peel back the layers and look at context.


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  1. Kat; What you have conjured up visually here opens a 1,000 doors of possibility. Your creativity continues to impress and motivate me!

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