200 + sock monkeys for Nepal event! Operation Sock Monkey for KYT Foundation. 


Operation Sock Monkey Western Division is embarking on a Summer journey to create 200 + sock monkeys that will be sold to benefit the KYT FOUNDATION a Vancouver, B.C.-based non-profit established to bring flowing water to a remote Nepali village in the Kabre Palanchowk District; Healay Chaubas.  The village is now rebuilding after the earthquake and is in urgent need of help.

Kamala’s dream to bring water to her village has been in progress since her father’s passing 5 years ago.  But after the devastating earthquake, 80% of the buildings in Kamala’s village have been ruined and the residents now sleep in the fields.  As the residents begin the difficult task of rebuilding, this is the optimum time to bring in a water pipeline as infrastructure is reevaluated.

Photo via KYT Foundation

Photos courtesy KYT Foundation

Photo courtesy of Kamala Yonzon

Photo courtesy of Kamala Yonzon

I want to help in a substantial way while at the same time creating healing projects in our local community.  Nothing is quite as healing as sewing a sock monkey!

And having a goal of 200 monkeys truly lights the fire!

Operation Sock Monkey, Keith Lynn Alternative Secondary School 2010
Operation Sock Monkey, Keith Lynn Alternative Secondary School 2010
Operation Sock Monkey, Keith Lynn Alternative Secondary School 2010
Operation Sock Monkey, Keith Lynn Alternative Secondary School 2010

I’ll be coordinating my teams of sock monkey makers (of all ages) in my local circles in Vancouver, BC- we’ll work individually and in groups and host sock monkeys sew-ins.  The goal is to collect 200 monkeys as a group for a major craft sale.  Additional monkeys will also be up for adoption/sponsorship starting now and will be sent to the village to do healing work on the ground.

$20 from the sale of each monkey will be donated directly to the KYT FOUNDATION


1. Sponsor a sock monkey$10. You’ll receive a picture of the sock monkey and your name and message will be added to the sock monkey’s tag.  Sponsored sock monkeys will be collected and sent to Kamala’s village in the Fall.

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2. Donate $ for supplies and snacks and shipping costs– we are volunteers and gather our own supplies and host workshops in homes and at schools.  We could use $ to purchase supplies like sock, stuffing and to cover shipping costs.

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3. Make a sock monkey and send it to us to join the group of 200!  Message me for my address as I will be collecting them!

Here’s how you make one:

How To Make A Sock Monkey (HD) from Fredrik Thorsen on Vimeo.

4. Donate $ directly to the KYT FOUNDATION on their site to directly support Kamala’s cause

5. Donate $ directly to Operation Sock Monkey to support of ongoing craftivism projects around the world.

Kamala and Sunkosi of the KYT Foundation (china marker on newsprint)
Rhododendron- the national flower of Nepal
Monkey 1 of 200!




Team Nepal is growing! The 200 sock monkey (plus maybe a few pigs and pugs) event has begun!

Pictured here: human sock dolls by Shan, white sock monkey plus pigs by Mary Ann, clown by Tyanna! Striped monkey is The ambassador (No. 1 of 200)!

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