Mindmap Tutorial Week Part 6: Addressing

I have been diving into a much-needed new mindmap this week, so I thought I’d create a tutorial during my process!

Tutorial so far:

Introductory blog post- mindmap tutorial week

Part 1: What is a mindmap?

Part 2: the Big Vision

Part 3: Stream of consciousness mapping

Part 4: Prioritizing/consolidating/connecting

Part 5: Enhancing


PART 6 OF 7: Addressing

By now, we have gone through multiple steps to start organizing and taking action on our project and/or self-reflection.

Time to dig a little deeper.

Let’s not only address the to do’s of the current mindmap:

Action steps are the detailed, practical tasks you need to perform to achieve your goals… By breaking the strategies down into discrete tasks, you’ll better be able to plan for resources and timing. – Jennifer Lee

… let’s also take time to write in your journal as to why you feel it is important to take time to properly address your action steps.

What is it all really about?

My journal entry October 30, 1013

Art for me is not just about being in the moment and in the heat of the creative process.  My right brain ways certainly thrive on that.  But as a right brain enterpreneur, I am ready to embrace DISCIPLINE.  Ready to focus on business, sales, marketing, numbers, grant applications, networking etc.

And all this left brain stuff would only be daunting if I hadn’t designed an action plan.  It will no longer be about trying to fit in the art around the work schedule but defining myself as a working artist.

Specific day-to-day foci include:

Product, Branding, Customers, Operations, Illustration, Writing, Research, Personal

Time sensitive, Proactive, Arty, Inaction

Sticking to it is key.  Including “off” times.  Ironically, my new schedule that reflects fluidity and flexibility will be more rigid and disciplined than now.  And double ironically, the more I work on art, the more my left brain is awakened and fearless!

Allowing the temptations of distractions and answering to the needs of others above my own is no longer an option!  I have to weigh requests and take a breath before saying yes.  Before saying no.

Within the new “limitations” though lies absolute freedom and a fulfilled heart!


The journey since the journal entry above has been intense, difficult, humbling, beautiful and enlightening.  The success I wanted to achieve then looks very different than what I envisioned and hoped for yet, there is success nonetheless.  Why?  Because the journey centres around my personal core value: FREEDOM.


Have you identified your (current) core value(s)?

Starting from this place will help us bring more ease, empowerment and success into our personal and professional lives. – Laura Mack

I recommend the following exercise: core-values-worksheet


So address each item in a slow light and meticulous way keeping your core value(s) in mind. Makes for a much stronger strategic plan.


Part 7 of 7: Reviewing

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