Mindmap tutorial week Part 5 of 7: Enhancing

I am diving into a much-needed new mindmap this week, so I thought I’d create a tutorial during my process!

Tutorial so far:

Introductory blog post- mindmap tutorial week

Part 1: What is a mindmap?

Part 2: the Big Vision

Part 3: Stream of consciousness mapping

Part 4: Prioritizing/consolidating/connecting


PART 5 OF 7: Enhancing

Last time we consolidated our mindmap- stripped it down to key components.   

Today we focus on each component and ENHANCE.


This is similar to the stream of consciousness mapping but now you are more focused.  Think ACTION PLAN.  You are building a structure.  Research a bit.  Make a to-do.  (We will ADDRESS the items in more detail tomorrow).

Mind maps integrate both right-brain and left-brain thinking by capturing your stream of consciousness in a structured way.  This method is perfect for brainstorming goals and organizing related ideas.  – Jennifer Lee




  Recommended reading:

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