“Write the f*!king book.” The importance of mentors in creative projects.

I am all about creative process.  I am not worried about that.  I have creative process down to a science.  No worries.  It’s a habit embedded so deep that it literally is part of my every breath and heartbeat.  I got this.  Yep.  And if you want help to do the same- believe me… I know how to draw it out of you.  So yeah- creative process? –> √.

But when DELIVERING my most important and passionate creative project, I need help.  Blissfully, I now know I have what it takes to deliver my project- not because of an inner strength but- BECAUSE OF MY MENTORS.

This team not only encourages me as they share my passion for the project— they KICK ME IN THE ASS.  The hermit in me could spend a lifetime researching, drawing, theorizing, connecting, building, embroidering, obsessing over the details, fearful that I am not good enough to release this work into the world, fearful of being found out that I am an imposter, questioning my obsession, not feeling right that I am spending my full focus on an artistic pursuits blah blah blah.

But that is where the mentor comes in.  By allowing myself to connect with this empowering team, in person, I open the door to DELIVERY.  I receive incredibly empowering feedback- reminding me that this is MY STORY, MY WORK and that it is TIME for the world to hear it.  This team lives powerfully in their own passions.  They also seek and obsess- that’s why I resonate with them and trust them- but they also provide me much needed clarity and direction and deadlines and support and a safe space to discuss the work.  They celebrate me.  And I allow myself to be celebrated.  (Say what?!)

One particular mentor sat politely and heard me ruminate on how to deliver the material- is it this?  Is it that?  Should I do this?  What should I do now?  … His clear and present response was:



So connect with your mentors, celebrate them, dialogue, take note of their feedback, digest, run with it, see what lifts you, adhere to their deadlines and OWN YOUR WORK.  And (this one has taken a lifetime of self-work) ACCEPT THAT YOU ARE WORTHY OF THEIR HELP.


Love, Kat


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  1. Jhaupie says:

    You’re such a talented artist! Every one of these posts is inspiring.

  2. Kat Thorsen says:

    Thank you for such kind words! ❤️

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