Art journaling e-workshop 12-part course

I have created an in-depths arts journaling program and am offering it to you as an email course!


I have been developing a little project for awhile now, inspired by my desires to combine my learned lessons from years of facilitating art sessions.  You will receive instructions and imagery to print out and color.  Fun, easy, in-depths!  

The course covers:

  1. Esteem heart
  2. Past/present/future
  3. Root
  4. Weaving support systems
  5. Inner critic
  6. Drawing tutorial
  7. Chakra chart
  8. Difficult conversations
  9. Critical thinking
  10. Vision boards
  11. Mission and vision
  12. Manifesto

You can choose 1 part for $12 USD or pay for all parts for only $100 USD (parts emailed one at a time every three days).

To purchase 1 part at a time (please indicate title you are purchasing):


or email transfer $12 USD ($16 CAD) to

To purchase all 12 parts:


or email transfer $100 USD ($133 CAD) to

You will need a journal (composition books are great!), pens, pencils, felts, scissors, glue, embroidery thread, needle.




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