I asked them to draw themselves as a superhero…

I was doing graphic recording and co-facilitating a workshop for frontline staff at a residential living facility in Toronto last week.


The focus of the workshop was Interdependence of Community Engagement in Residential Livingwith key facilitator Beverley Pomeroy.

We mind mapped so much with this group that we had to double/triple layer the large wall mind map!  I love and live for this!  Capturing the staff dialogue through visual recording.  The room was HEART-FULL.

To lighten the mood and to celebrate the incredible work that the frontline staff do, I asked them to draw themselves as superheroes.

This exercise is inspired by the pedagogy of Lynda Barry and her book: Syllabus.


Initially the staff was nervous and unsure.  Celebrate self?  What superhero?  Draw?  Eyes darted back and forth.  Fear, hesitation, confusion.

But a little encouragement to just go with it really helped…and the results are magical!

And remember that, in a world of ordinary mortals, you are a Wonder Woman. – Hippolyta

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