Williams Lake/Punky Lake Summer 2016 Diary- Preview

I leave on Monday for a new adventure!  I’ll be facilitating a 3-day art immersion camp in Williams Lake with Punky Lake Wilderness Camp Society.

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Though I have a plan laid out and we have a goal- this will be a youth-led project, and no doubt the results will be surprising and magical!


I’ll be keeping a diary and will try to post at the end of each day.  For now, here is a preview:

3-day intensive therapeutic art camp and mural project, Old Training and Recreation Complex 

Lessons include:

Journaling, drawing lessons, portraiture, mind mapping, project planning, street art history, cultural exploration (imagery and identity), and wheatpasting!

Kevin wheatpasting in Gastown, 2012

Lifeskills covered:

Project planning, creative expression, problem solving, team building, self-esteem, personal exploration, cultural identity

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.17.05 PM

Art by Hannah Pettinato
Photo by Kali Banner


Day 1

  • Opening circle
  • Introduction to Kat
  • Intro to drawing techniques
  • Journaling
  • Choose location for mural
  • Mind mapping
  • Project planning
  • Begin project
  • Closing circle
  • Kat draws participant portraits


Day 2

  • Opening circle
  • Drawing warmup
  • Intro to the portrait techniques
  • Intro to street art
  • Make wheatpaste
  • Project process underway
  • Closing circle
  • Kat continues to draw participant portraits
Day 3

  • Opening circle
  • Drawing warmup
  • Full portrait drawing techniques
  • Add portraits to wall
  • Mural project completion
  • Celebration
  • Closing circle
Ernst wheatpasting in Gastown, 2012
Parmida. Photo by Megan Quigley


  1. What an awesome experience this is going to be! These are some seriously lucky youth to be spending this time with you Kat. Have a blast xo Lindy

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