Williams Lake/ Punky Lake Summer 2016 Diary- Part 2: Travel



Part 1: Preparation

Part 2: Travel

I have arrived!  (Excuse any formatting issues as I am using the WordPress app on my iPad!)

Those of you that know me know that I am not used to travelling (aka NERVOUS WRECK) so a simple trip from Vancouver to wherever comes with its share of anxiety!  But I am getting better!  My two recent trips to Toronto were magical!  They showed me that I have entered to a new chapter of my life- a chapter of a new kind freedom, full of possibilities. 

So the apparent travelling theme of 2016 continues with this trip to Williams Lake!

I am happy I seem to be able to push my anxious self to realize anxiety is just that- anxiety.  It is the unknown that gets my nerves a-tumbling!  The anxiety lessens once I have a checklist and all my stuff packed:

And lowers more once I find myself all checked in and through security with coffee in hand and a good book with me.

On the Canada Line Skytrain on the way to the airport- it hit me that in that moment, I so desperately wanted to chat with my Dad about my trip today.  He would have pulled out a map, told me all the history of his many visits here, given me the pep talk.   Despite being on the Skytrain with countless travelers also headed to the airport, I felt the familiar deafening silence of nostalgia.

Strangely in the Gate B area, I made a quick impromptu purchase of a little moose-

Why?!  I mean-  honestly, the last thing I need is another stuffed animal.  But lo and behold- I sense the moose was actually from mom and dad (the moose is a classic symbol of Sweden, and also so very British Columbia to me).  Stay with me here…

I saw the plane, and once boarded, I knew the MOOSE  was NECESSARY!  I don’t do well in small spaces!  Every cell in my body was shaking!  I was looking at that open door- knowing I couldn’t bolt, yet…

Oh my , that little “unnecessary” moose was SQUEEZED!  It’s antlers were like mom and dad’s hands!  It soaked up my sweat from my palms.   SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!  Jeezus!  But what do you know?  Turns out though that that little plane was GREAT!  I knew there was a little lesson in all this for me.  

Face your fucking fears, meet them with love, and expand your wings!  FLY into the unknown!

And now I find myself in a sweet hotel room in Williams Lake and feeling incredible gratitude for the invite to this week from Sarah Jackman (who is a superstar/angel on Earth by the way), Punky Lake Wilderness Camp Society and for that little plane. And that little moose.

(Time for some prepping drawing lessons- a full house of students tomorrow!)

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