Williams Lake/ Punky Lake Summer 2016 Diary- Part 3: Day 1



Part 1: Preparation

Part 2: Travel

Part 3: Punky Lake Wilderness Camp Society Summer 2016 Art Camp Day 1 

Executive Director Sarah Jackman picked me up this morning…

… and drove me through extraordinary scenery…

… to the Old School Training and Recreation Complex in Riske Creek.

First days are always about gaining trust and reading the room and getting a feel for the dynamic of the group.  As this is a group art project that starts from scratch (the end goal is a collage wall of participant drawings), it may be hard for the students to understand what I have in mind.  But these courageous and hilarious kids worked SO HARD!  They created countless drawings and tomorrow we cut out the first batch and do a test wheatpaste.

I was joined by Punky Lake staff and several chaperones (and I am very grateful for these individuals’ support and participation throughout the day.)

We started the morning with an introduction by Bruce Baptiste, followed by smudge, song and drumming by Elder Gary, and housekeeping rules (the kids are staying at the centre this week).

I introduced my drawing techniques with a raccoon drawing:

We were joined by photographer Rick Magnell who took incredible pictures of the participants for both adding to the wall: JR style(!) and for references for me in order to gift everyone with handdrawn portraits! (These will be completed once I get home and mailed to Punky Lake!)

Photo by Rick Magnell

We worked on a journaling technique and then drew anatomical hearts- definitely messy hands time and faces!

We chose a wall and the day continued with personal drawings and doodles as well as an empowering body mind and spirit talk from Gary as students drew. 

Sleep well kids!

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