I’ve given myself space-time.

This week started with some bristling uneasiness.  But instead of falling into fear and trying to figure out next steps, I decided to give myself this week to take time– to NOT FIGURE THINGS OUT.  To give myself some space and time.  Some space-time.

Be in the questions, yes- but allow whatever comes- to come.

I asked myself- what if I trust fully?  

What if I don’t try?  What if I trust that all is aligned and in place now?  What if I trust that I simply need to make a space in which to be and breathe?  To not force?  To do good work?  Not desperate work?

I am in the midst of this taking time time- and my heart is beating a bit easier.

Time does not mean making more time- it’s about allowing the unknown.  If a question comes up- I won’t fixate on fixing, but allow the answer to come in its own time.  It doesn’t add to the to-do- it allows for space.

Space-time today included moving myself out of my studio/bedroom/living room— and into nature.   I had a hunch that if I walked with a don’t know mind, allowing myself to discover treasures in the park- that I would get some clarity on some research I was stuck on.  Knowing that once I looped around the lagoon, I would know what I needed to know.

Some treasures in the park:

I looped back to my block, and indeed- an aha! answer came.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~Lao Tzu


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