Eclipse therapy.

Checking in to the August Power Path:

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I have been struggling of late with depression, been pulling out the tools and re-evaluating life, making strides, dipping down, climbing up etc. and I have a post I plan to write– as part of that toolbox– that I will share, but that will wait!

There is an additional item in my toolbox I must pull out today!

In camaraderie with my soul sister Patti and my daughter, Anna, I am setting intentions and sending out a Universe request to coincide with the solar eclipse.

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Eclipse times Vancouver BC Canada


Short term/long term—

What do you really want to change?

How do you want your life to be?

What can you improve?


What do you really want to change?

Short term: I want to change how I treat myself.  I don’t want to blame myself.  I want to earn more money.  I don’t want to struggle.

Long term:  I want to be celebrated and recognized for my work, by others– but mainly by me.  I don’t want to default to old brain patterns.  I want to embrace that I deserve as much love from me as I give everyone else.  I don’t want to beg for scraps, but be offered and accept abundance.

How do you want your life to be?

Short term: I love what I do, I love my home, I love the connections that I have with family and friends- and to maintain that, I want to be fully financially stable.  I want to sleep with ease.  I want to write and illustrate.  To teach.  To train the trainers.  I want to take mom and dad’s ashes to Sweden.  I want to spend time with my bird, letting him enjoy his senior years.

Long term: See big vision below.  I want a life of creativity, connection, ease and stability.  I want to write and illustrate.  To teach.  To train the trainers.  Work where I want.  Live where I want.  Take my family to Sweden when I want.  I want a cat.  Two, three.

What can you improve?

Short term: Get more cocky.  Slow down and think more clearly.  Step into projects, into every day with clarity.  TRUST.

Long term: Maintain cockiness.  Ask for what I want and know I deserve it.  Strip away that which doesn’t fill my heart.  Improve my Swedish.  Embrace my roots.  And really dig deep to address blocks.

Ask for it. 

Find a friend to share your answers with.  I will be sharing these answers with Patti and Anna.



Check out Jennifer Lee’s BIG VISION VISUALIZATION and write out your answer, read it out loud and share it with the world!

My big vision (unedited, stream of conscious journal entry):

My work is at home.

A large sunny space.

With dogs and cats and the bird, and plants and a bright open concept with kitchen and living room and it is fresh and clean and I see trees.  

White walls and natural wood, vintage objects and cooking in progress.

I am illustrating and being paid enormously well for my unique work.  

I do not worry about finances as they flow in and out with grace.

I am at peace in the heart and body and I wear lovely linen and cotton comfortable clothes.

I engage in my work at home for it is my studio, my work, my natural place.

And I am able to offer classes for free to those programs I support and I am renowned (including in collaboration with my brother) for Professional Development classes and am highly sought after.

My work flows and I am writing and illustrating.

The calendar is happily full and I have been paid a large advance and have multiple publishing and movie deals.

I am my own boss and I make my own schedule, being fully present for my family.  

I can travel to Sweden, New York, San Francisco, wherever with ease.

Money is abundant.

The place is fresh and clean and smells like flowers and coffee and the pets are healthy and happy and it is sunny and just the right temperature and I am making something fresh for dinner, awaiting family.

I am embracing my gifts and recognized for them.

I speak openly about my story, my art and my life.

I am working on my books and I have great technology and art supplies and I can shop at Whole Foods whenever I want.

My legacy is the gift of free expression in all of us and embracing our gifts and walking through life with grace and authenticity and ease.

My legacy– my children, my home, my art, my grandchildren and extended family, my books, my explorations of the world.

I enjoy spending money on my children, my family, on good food, books, travel, research, art supplies, pets, plants.

Molly is published and award-winning, with a film in the works.

My next books are in progress and eagerly awaited.

I have engagements on the calendar that lift my spirit.

People are inspired and have tools, thanks to the connection through art, my work books and online site.

I am the expert and my teachings are effective, sustainable and joyous.

My online school is cutting edge and taken care of by tech guy, accountant and agent.

It is easy and joyous.

I am on podcasts and I am researching in archives throughout the globe.

I balance between my books and my teaching.

The day is ending.  The family ate and laughed.

I take the dogs out for a walk and then feed them.

I put on the TV.

Asterix’s cage is clean.  The cats are sleeping.

The lights are on- just right.

I put away the food.

I shut the door.  And contain my vision in my heart.

I live fully, honestly, peacefully, gracefully.

Jennifer Lee writes:

YOUR VISION = BIG PICTURE (positive difference, success, meaningful and fulfilling life/work)

YOUR VALUES = THE PAINT (the life blood)

YOUR VOICE = THE BRUSHSTROKE (uniqueness, authenticity)



Panel 5
Message of the HERON: “Stand out in your uniqueness”



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