Admit it- you crave simplicity.

September 30, 2018

Dear Me,

I am writing you this as I sense you need a reminder.

I am writing to remind you that it is OK embrace what you are realizing right now: that the older you get, the more you will recoil from complexity.

It appears that when you face complex chaos,  the fatigue and anxiety that arises is because you are growing up, and that all the complexities and life markers and chapter changes you have experienced to date have helped you develop a better filter.  That is pretty amazing.

Maybe think of it this way- when fatigue and anxiety arises, it is a warning sign.  A sign to say to yourself, STOP.


Admit it– you crave simplicity.

I have noticed lately that you are daring to take a moment (or many), that you dare to pause.  I have noticed that you need to speak your truth, and that you are trying your best to do that and that you are trying your best to establish clear boundaries.

I remind you it is ok to fail, it is ok to not to buy into other people’s drama, it is ok to pause before saying yes, and it is ok to put yourself first.

And if you find yourself feeling guilty for needing to rest, for declining invites, for taking your time etc., I remind you that- YOU HAVE EARNED THE RIGHT TO NOT FEEL GUILTY.  

Remember that page in your graphic novel where somehow you keep working on your passion project, year after year?

Page 17

Not despite of it.  Because of it.

But now, my sweet, let’s forget about all that chaos for a moment.  For you to be able to enter fully into the new chapter that is unfolding, you need a clear head.  You need to be smart.  You need to keep craving that simplicity.

You need to remember that you, my darling, are FREE.

Let’s face it– you have been of this universe for eons, made up of recycled, reprocessed, realigned  bits.  You have been of this particular flesh bag of yours for 56+ years.  From birth, you have been (and continue to be) a lovely, caring, humble, bitchy, strange little creative troll.  And holy shit- somehow you are still here.  You were formed in Mamma’s womb.  And I sense that when your time is up- in your current form- your last word  (probably inaudible, probably on that last breath) will be: Mamma.  

How simple is that?

So embrace simplicity.  What can you do less of today?  Hold the concept in your heart.

Go ahead now.  Pull an angel card- let me know what it says.

Love, Me

The angel card is blank.  <3

If you can, take a day or two to just simply be, contemplate, relax, and take a break from the “doings” of your life.The Power Path September 2018 Forecast

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