Entering the New Year with I Am’s and I Release’s

Recycled an old composition book I found in my paper box. Covered it with an old water-colour drawing created earlier this year when the first Covid lockdown made me eager to read Watership Down for some reason.




  • My saudade
  • My fears
  • The fear that I will lose control over my project if I collaborate
  • Attachment to the past
  • The need to NOT forget all the details of my life
  • Trivial relationships
  • Trauma
  • The need to please


  • Present
  • Protected
  • Limitless
  • Achieving my full potential
  • Wealthy
  • Complete
  • Honest
  • Serene
  • A writer
  • Powerful
  • Beautiful
  • Alive!




  • Essential workers (on the frontlines in hospitals, in care homes, the care givers, the care partners, first responders, shelters, support staff, teachers, researchers, grocery store staff, retail shops, coffee shops, the delivery folk, the post office, maintenance crews, garbage trucks, ecologists, those who work with animals, those who foster and adopt, donors, volunteers, activists, journalism, the internet, Zoom… etc etc etc etc. THANK YOU)
  • Masks and soap
  • Employment
  • Home
  • Family
  • Nature
  • Time



PS. In 2021: eat more fruits and veggies, take more steps, bring in more plants

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