What’s the question?

I wrote in my journal this morning- “At the end of the weekend – if I stay quiet – an answer will come.” But I’m not sure what the question is!

What we’re really afraid of is to be in life, in step with it and not a step ahead of it, trying to control the way (as if we could). We’re afraid to leave life open, unresolved, to let life reveal its answers as we go, to be present in our life and not outside it, managing it, controlling it. We’re afraid to be vulnerable and not in charge, to surrender to the mystery of what we can’t yet know and may never know. When we live in the questions and stop trying to know what we don’t know, we’re choosing to pay attention to what’s happening now, our experience, and the choices we want to make given these truths. We’re agreeing to discover rather than know, based on what’s actually arising—not our predetermined idea of it; we’re forming a handshake with our experience, relaxing the reins and letting life show us the way. – Nancy Colier

So what do the angels have to say? Pulling a card now:

The blank card, the most powerful card. It tells me to surrender control…

Some questions I have come across that stand out:

What are you going to do with all those tears? – my friend to me when I was stuck in deep crisis

What village have I wandered into? – K. in Kafka’s The Castle

Are you somebody? – Nuala O’Faolain

What should be done? Stop reading and only preserve? – Adso, in Eco’s The Name of the Rose

Why am I here? – in a letter from my father, Roar Thorsen, when taken into long-term care

What year is this? – Agent Dale Cooper

In this massive pile of scribblings- I am not sure I found any answers (yet), nor have I ever asked the “right” question?!

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