Celebrate the old life (and the new) at the March 10th art event to a post punk soundtrack!

One week until the big event!  Post punk playlist is being assembled by @BearFallsDead!   Digging out old works from storage this weekend!  And attacking the new portraits of Jocelyn Louise and Jay Fisher!  Now the big question: What will Rebecca wear!?

Wood, olive oil, oil pastels, china marker- ultimate art medium!

Get a piece of wood board.  Draw an image with china marker.  Coat it with linseed oil or even olive oil.  “Paint” the piece with oil pastels.  Use your fingers.  Recoat with oil.  Let dry (for weeks).  Varnish.  Delish!

6 panels of my Frida series (my most personal pieces) will be on display/sale March 10!

Recall my post about my Frida Series and that the pieces were born out of the need to process divorce and depression.  Now its time for celebration and renewals!  I LOVED making these pieces (China Marker on Masonite Board) even though they were done at 3 AM with my heart pounding and anxiety choking me.  They…

Lost art: Portrait of @annatfabulous, 1994

ART from the vault : my #ElizabethTheFirst studies (dedicated to Brad Toth)

This post is dedicated to my friend, Brad Toth, a fellow Elizabethan! To see my Elizabeth the First tapestry go to: POST STREET

“The Housewife Howled” – My 1994 #journal part 1: PREFACE

Preface: So here I sit about to embark on the great adventure: the writing of a book.  My book.  But where to begin?  Here, I suppose.  Just the intimate privacy of me, my hand, the pen and the paper.  There is no audience.  There are no readers- except my critical eye who has promised to…

Recalling my exhibit 1998 @thenordicmuseum- Ode to #Laxness #IcelandicLiterature

There is no more important novel to me than INDEPENDENT PEOPLE by Halldor Laxness (1902 – 1998), Icelandic novelist, awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1955.  I own several copies of the book.  Here is the dust jacket from my hardcover English edition (1946, Alfred A. Knopf, New York): The novel inspired a large…

When art comes back to say hello, only to be released again. #honoring #missingwomen #artevent

I was honored to work with families and friends of the victims of Robert Pickton and of the missing women back in 2002/3.   I just reconnected with one family member who will be providing some of the pieces I originally donated to decorate a rehab centre in her sister’s honor.  The project has changed…

Laundry day. Art from the vault.

You sometimes see a woman who would have made a Joan of Arc in another century and climate, threshing herself to pieces over all the mean worry of housekeeping. ~Rudyard Kipling Acrylic on canvas (unframed) Dedicated to my mother and all the women who came before me.

Pearl Hart, Wild West Woman. Portrait will be up for auction at my June 23 art event!

Years ago, I picked up the book The Old West- The Women, Time-Life, at a thrift store for 50¢. What a gem.  I bought it during my Immigrant phase.  I kept coming back to the photos of Pearl Hart and did the following portrait– one of the paintings I actually haven’t given away, trashed, or…

I used to have a big studio… which meant big pieces.

From the art vault: The letter “P”- #portfolio #Picasso #Page #placenta

Some items from my 1990’s portfolio:

20 years ago my art was protested. #art and #politicalcorrectness #thenineties #Iamreadytorevisit!

Was I wrong?  Was I right?  All I know is that what’s right is FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION- for protestor, supporter, artist alike. Click on image to enlarge. This week I’ll be posting more of my 1990’s portfolio pics, articles and art stamps.

March 10th, New time! 8-11PM! Katarina Thorsen Art Event! Art Sale! Live Portrait! Interactive Art Table! #District319 #Vancouver hosted by @RebeccaRaw

***UPDATE MARCH 9, 2011: OUR INTERVIEW WITH JULIA KOZLOV*** — To celebrate 20 years since my breakthrough art show in Gastown (highly protested, fights at the opening, angry mobs) and to celebrate my reaching a new life chapter and launching my new art business- I am emptying the vault and starting fresh!  On March 10, 2011,…

Fave art piece recall of the day “Church and Wheatfield”

This old piece, Church and Wheatfield (acrylic on canvas), proudly belongs in the Where Are They Now category of my catalogue.  Perhaps it will turn up when I empty the vault for the big art event/garage sale!  I’ll keep you posted!

My immigrant saga through #portrait #journal #literature

My family’s story is an Immigrant Saga.  I often wonder what life would have been like had my parents not taken the huge leap of faith and moved us from Sweden to Canada (and back to Sweden then back to Canada).  I may soon return to my journal/painting series I worked on in the early…

Checking in with my mentor. She gave me homework #dreams #listen. I give you a small gift. #art

I chatted with my mentor, Solvig, tonight and we both are in agreement that something is “brewing.”  She assured me that all is as it should be, and my anxiety is actually “ants in the pants” while the next chapter starts. Tonight I am to spray some of my angel-mom’s favorite perfume as I go…

Lost paintings, emptying the vault, clearing the mind for live #artevent

No idea if these pieces still exist!  Even though I have a ton of stuff filling an expensive storage room, my moods and moves tend to purge artwork ruthlessly.  It’s freeing to get rid of them, but then when I find them on an old CD, I get a twinge of regret. I’m preparing for…

Quick sketching on index cards of @RebeccaRaw for upcoming live portrait! #artevent

VISIT REBECCA’S BLOG!  REBECCA RAWLINSON Looking at old pieces and thinking about how to do the live portrait: LIVE EVENT HAPPENING SOON: Live portrait of Rebecca by me, interactive art stations, new portraits of fabulous people in my life, food, drinks and silent-auction event of my art!  YES- I’M CLEARING OUT THE VAULT!  STAY TUNED!

Lost Elizabeth I studies

My love of Elizabeth I and all things Shakespearean led to LOTS of art in the early 2000’s.  Here are some LOST pieces that only exist on CD now.  Not sure where they are:

Saying goodbye by burning my art

Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean. – Maya Angelou In 2003 as I went through massive transitions in my personal life-  that included both loss and gains, heartaches and liberation- I purged by burning old pieces in a bonfire.  LIBERATING!!! These pieces…

“Sunday morning,” 2006 (collage)