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I started the Sketchbook Project at YVR. Here is the original page, which I added to today. See below


Theme: And Then There Was None

Page 1 Transcript

8:16 AM

Friday October 8, 2010

Gate 83 @YVR

I promised myself I would start this journal at the aiport on my way to visit Anna.  It will be a place to process grief.  A place to address loss and allow myself to sit with it and move forward.  The key is to stay free.

My theme: “and then there was none.”


Met Anna at the airport!

Took BART to Westfield mall.  Walked to Anna’s apartment.  Changed.  Ate at a cute little place [Farm Table].  Now Anna is at work and I spent $ on myself on clothes.  Typical me stuff.

Feeling anxious as I already miss Anna even tho I’m here.

It’s over and I miss their childhood, my mom, my innocence.  I do not miss my marriage.  Is that bad?

A year ago she left the nest and Julian is growing and working.  Wow.  “And then there was none.”  I must take time to grieve and celebrate my new role as mom.

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