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He brushed the leaves aside and uncovered the most baffling double murder Vancouver has ever had.

– The Vancouver Province April 15, 1953

It is difficult, yet marvelous to visit the scene.  Difficult, because my mother is no longer here to enjoy it; we went to the site religiously and maintained it with flowers and trinkets.  Marvelous, because it feels sacred and still.  I walked there in May for the first time in a long, long time and the scene is overgrown and the rock needs to be repainted.  But it’s beautiful. If you visit the site, please respect it.  Leave a flower.  Take time to think about the little boys.  This heartbreaking story belongs to Vancouver, and I look forward to sharing my version of it.


Jan 15, 1953. In memory of two small boys found at the spot. Unknown- but not forgotten. Feb 14, 2004 [date our family laid the stone on the spot]

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For complete details on the crime scene- read sample research.  Click onCRIME SCENE PDF

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  1. Joanna Harks says:

    I was born in Vancouver, BC ~ March 1952….growing up with this story, this is so amazing to me….I would like to see more photos as it will help me understand where it happened…..this will allow me personally to accept the scene and to also know the whole park is not a scary place….

    In the early 1950’s my Mother (also born in Vancouver ~ Dec. 1926) did not know many details of this crime except to instil in my sister and I that bushy places/parks were a very scary place…..I have never allowed myself to enjoy nature such as Stanley Park. To me there was always someone lurking….just around every corner of my life….

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