Part 2 daily journal workshop. DRAW OUT THE WORDS. #arttherapy

Recall: Part 1 JUST WRITE

Choose two different colored pens (or felts or pencil crayons)- one color representing positive, the other negative.  I am picking red for negative (fear), green for positive (serene).  There is no right or wrong.  Just choose and go with your choice.

Reading the words you wrote in part 1, circle all the words with your negative color that strike you as negative (heavy, anxiety-causing, words that represent your barriers).  Then circle all the words with your positive color that strike you as positive (uplifting, empowering, words that celebrate and move you forward).

Some words may be both.  Circle with two colors.

Now write the words in their corresponding categories.  Contemplate the words that came out.  Came out of your stream of consciousness writing.  Is there a theme?  Think about what kind of words you chose as (+) and the ones you chose as (-).  Feel it.

Circle any words that appear in both categories.  Draw arrows to link them.  Feel it.

Tomorrow we will place the words that we drew out today onto an image of the human heart.

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