Weekly artist exploration/journaling series: Week 3 Part 1 This is Lisa #LisaLarson #arttherapy

WEEK 3 Part 1: Lisa Larson

Lisa Larson is a Swedish ceramic designer who started at Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory in 1953. Since 1980 she works as a freelance designer and sculptural artist.

Browse among Lisa’s classic designs and unique work and read a little more about her and the current production at Keramikstudion Gustavsberg. Latest news of exhibitions and events, new projects and products will be published here and you can contact Lisa with questions. Visit the on-line shop, where some of Lisa Larsons most loved figures are for sale and exclusive offers will be available.


I was raised with the art of Swedish designer, Lisa Larson at Gustavsberg.  It seemed that any household I visited would have a little figurine by her.  Especially popular was her little cat:

To me, she is the epitomy of the Scandinavian aesthetic.  Whimsical, simple, professional.

I inherited the following two pieces from my mom.  Needless to say, I treasure them, voraciously.

Emma from the ABC Girls Series

To centre ourselves and get into this week’s exploration, write for 15 minutes, stream of consciousness.


Explore Lisa online and see what you can find.  Make yourself familiar!

Lisa makes delightful sketches.  I am particularly taken by “I Duvslaget, 1959.”

Note how Lisa and Picasso have a lot in common as to how they approach form.

I will be using my book, Lisa Larson: Amongst Lions and Angels, as a source this week.

Coming up:

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Part 4 Humans and Scenes

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Part 6 Portraits


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