New York, I love you but…

I had the strangest dream t0 the soundtrack of LCD Soundsystem‘s New York I Love You:

I accidentally poured Drano on my forearm (my left one).  I felt no pain.  But I did notice that the Drano was slicing through my skin and working its way down to the bone.  But not in a messy way.  In clean slices like knife cuts.  I didn’t feel any pain though.  But I told my son I should probably go to emergency.  I was going to try to fix it myself by pulling the wounds tight.  But I knew that would only be a “bandaid solution.”  I knew I had opened myself up.  Made myself vulnerable and was dealing with it right by seeking expertise.


I NEED A SOCIAL LIFE‘s blog entries about NEW YORK.

Photo by Anna T Fabulous


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