Weekly artist series: Week 8 Part 2 DECONSTRUCT CONSTRUCT #OttoDix

Week 8 Part 2 Otto Dix

As with George Grosz, I’m using the book LUSTMORD as my main resource this week.

Look at Otto Dix’s paintings.  See the cartoonish exaggerated style.


Pull off the cover of an old hard cover book:

Horizon publications are wonderful for this.  And the contents are perfect for collaging.

Find a photo that you want to recreate and stylize:

On the back of the hard cover, deconstruct the image into its simplest shapes:


Construct the figures with Otto Dix’s style in mind:

Otto Dix is one of modern painting’s most savage satirists. After many artists had abandoned portraiture for abstraction in the 1910s, Dix returned to the genre and injected sharp caricatures into his depictions of some of the leading lights of German society.


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