Anxiety journaling tool. #heart #lettinggo #outflow #arttherapy

Focus on 3-4 things that are blocking you, that hinder you, frustrate you, nag at you, keep you from living your life peacefully.

E.g. I picked Anxiety, Fear, Money, Low Self-esteem

Write for 10 minutes in your journal about these blocks.

On a drawing/photocopy of an anatomical heart, write your main words repeatedly throughout the nooks and crannies.

Color the heart, cut it out and glue it on a card stock.

Write sentences about your blocks coming out from the vessels.


I came up with this exercise a few months ago and I have found it very powerful and I repeat it as often as I need to.  It does release tension.

Mikki's beautiful piece. She accidentally drew a sentence going INTO the heart, so she drew a cork! Genius!

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  1. I really like this exercise. I have used the heart before but not for fears – great tool.

    Thanks for sharing.

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