San Francisco Journal: Portrait #2 TONY (@tsiress)

I will continue to share my incredible weekend in San Francisco (that I spent with my daughter and her friends) through a series of portraits and journal entries over the next few weeks.

I was especially excited to finally meet TONY on this trip.

He and I have been online friends for awhile now.  Tony is a dear friend and mentor to my daughter.  He also supports my art and passions and to finally meet him in person was, indeed, a glorious treat!!!

We started the evening with fabulous Italian food at Poesia with Anna and Joseph…

… then headed to Mollie Stone’s to purchase dessert…

Finally, we spent the rest of the evening gorging on chosen dessert…

Instagram by Anna T Fabulous

… and doing some interactive art (more on that later) and sharing shits and giggles at Anna’s place with Tony and David (more on them later too)!

Tony is full of enthusiasm for people, adventures, life!  Infectious!

My portrait of Tony's "Lilly" (extra L added later!)

From one Old Queen to another, I love you, Tony. 

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