Journaling at WOW- the Women of Worth Conference

It was a pleasure connecting with Christine Awram, founder of Women of Worth, and listening to Yvonne Evans last night at The Granville Island Hotel.


An Empowered CEO on A New Business Culture & Currency

I look forward to processing the lessons that I chicken-scratched in my journal and building on the concepts I found empowering and on the connections made.

As a divorced, self employed mother of one, with little support and scant foundations, I made every mistake possible. I created painful realities at each turn and travelled down labyrinths of confusion that led to dead ends. I used all of the change techniques, “secret doctrines,” and healing modalities available, and nothing changed. Descending time and time again into the pain of what Dante calls the “dark wood,” I made the pursuit of transformation my life’s work. From a deep and lengthy enquiry into how to create change, I emerged personally and spiritually transformed with a profound and complex understanding of how to change ourselves and our lives. Important insights into misunderstood “teachings” about emotions, feelings, and the nature of alchemy completely changed my world and my work. I was not only creating loving and abundant experiences but also experiencing profound spiritual openings without seeking them. This book reveals to you all that I have learned about change and reality creation. At times simple and other times complex, this vital knowledge is essential for all of humanity, so that we may create a personal and a collective world resting solidly on a new foundation of co-creation, harmony, and bounty.

Yvonne Evans

Thank you, Laura Mack, for the introduction.

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