San Francisco Journal: my new Doc Martens! @drmartens

I will continue to share my incredible weekend in San Francisco (that I spent with my daughter and her friends) through a series of portraits and journal entries over the next few weeks.


I wore my old docs to San Francisco, knowing (hoping) I would finally be buying new ones at the Doc Martens store on Haight.

The store itself is MARVELOUS!


And ahhhhhhh, I am so satisfied.  I now have power shoes in which I can feel like myself.

Of course, I still love my old ones:

My daughter also got a pair!

And my son just bought some in Seattle!

Family feets accompli!

Take a peek at my Doc Martens Pinterest Board:

Update April 10, 2012:

I’m absolutely in love with them and they are so comfortable! No breaking in needed!

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