My father makes an impact. #connections #DrawnTogether #strokerecovery #artheals

My father inspired a friend to accept help by showing how his life is rich in a residential care facility.
Roar inspires youth-at-risk with his art and with his youthful humor!
The staff are KEY to making Dad’s life as happy as it is. I could not be more grateful. He gives back by lending an ear, providing snacks, and being his feisty inspiring self.
“Stay connected.” by Roar Thorsen

Some comments we’ve received regarding DRAWN TOGETHER:

“My grandma is suffering from early Alzheimers. I write her letters and she writes back. Her letters end up being so poetic because she repeats herself a lot. I’ve been transcribing them as poetry. Might send them to some Lit mags.

I think we forget the huge cache of knowledge and experience the old folks have, and it gets trapped inside their aged and deteriorating bodies. It’s important to keep them talking as long as possible.”

“In honour of my Dad who is also an elderly stroke victim and artist and is slowly drifting away from me too. Though he fades he never stops laughing and smiling, a constant inspiration.”

“Fantastic project and inspirational. Makes me wanna start an art project with my dad .. just because!”


Please consider supporting our project.  Much love, Katarina and Roar

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