Drawing on Pain at Espana Gallery Aug 29-Oct 13: exhibit list

A huge thank you to Angie Heintz and The Espana Gallery and to everyone who attended the August 29, 2013 opening. What a fabulous crowd! Thanks for listening so intently and for your support.

Thank you as well to those who provided interviews for the documentary FEAR NO ART w. Patti Henderson.

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You have all empowered me and I am so grateful for this opportunity!


“My painting carries with it the message of pain.” – Frida Kahlo

DRAWING ON PAIN exhibits my personal therapeutic process as I utilize art to help me process the difficult challenges I have encountered (and continue to encounter) in my life– such as divorce, cancer, my friends’ suicides, financial struggles and planning the road ahead.  I call myself a Kahloist and often find it healing to utilize the image of Frida Kahlo to express that internal pain for me.   By facilitating the need for self-expression through drawing, I lighten the load in my heart.

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The show is up until Oct 13. at 689 Abbott street ( just buzz #7777 at the door anytime for entrance).

If you are interested in purchasing any of the work shown, please contact Angie Heintz at info@angieheintz.com or call 778.773.2861



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