I am finding chaos a trigger to inner peace. #journalexercise

At times, life can feel chaotic.  Both within and without and especially in moments on transition, when to-do lists double up and there are never enough hours in the day.  When you sense stress in colleagues as they anticipate change.  Your nerves are highly sensitive to triggers and the panic demon sits in the very back of your mind, in the dark, on high alert, ready to pounce.

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-maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s surviving the big stuff, maybe it’s because of all the self-work I’ve done or simply a paradigm shift-

I am finding chaos a trigger to inner peace.

When I feel that darkness wanting to invade, I remind myself to let go.  No questions.  No fix-its.  No racing mind and trying to solve problems.  Just allow the chaos.


Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. – Desiderata


Take a deep breath.  Close your eyes and pause.  Then take ten minutes to sit in silence and write. Take some precious time to just stop.  What is it we can do less of?  More of?  What is it we can let go of?  What is it we can get done now?  Or hold off till later?  Not do at all?

Maybe the chaos is a sign to LISTEN, to STOP, to TAKE NOTE, to celebrate that you are TAKING RISKS, and MOVING FORWARD.


We long for solid predictable ground, but how can we revel and enjoy the comfort of moss and roots under our feet if we don’t at times feel the quicksand?

The purpose of the design is to unsettle the bee… – Annie Dillard

One of my favorite drawings by my father was created June 2012 as he struggled with chaotic thoughts:

Dad always said, “Keep drawing. Never give up.” His most peaceful times were at his desk drawing.

And don’t forget to laugh!!!

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  1. Great blog ! and I love the art pieces.
    I also admire you in dealing with stress and chaotic environment. Sometimes the stress can really get in our nerves and may affect us all throughout the day. But I’ve learned that letting these annoyances pass by and just go with your own flow can also be a way to attain inner peace.
    If you like, I would love to show you my work on how one can change from within by realizing his/her inner peace and become a better person. Please take time to visit my website at http://www.iamthechangeiseek.org.
    Thank you !

    1. Kat Thorsen says:

      Thank you for your kind and inspiring words and for your beautiful work. You are so right! ❤️

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