Why the need to draw what draws us? #journal #rambling

Why are we drawn to the human face? What draws us in? Why the need to draw what draws us? Why do we fixate on the stare of an eye meeting an eye? Is the draw of the portrait the silence in the glance, the fastidiousness of the stare? The reflection in a mirror- a reflection of recognition, a longing, a curiosity? Is it that we can imagine what is said and therefore get closer to the truth? Do we long for the silence of the portrait so we can hear ourselves, hear them? Do we see them or do we hope that they see us? That they hear us?


Why are we drawn? What draws us in? What are we drawing? Who do we actually see?


Is her reflection actually our own? Who and what are we drawing out?


Does time actually stand still?

Model: artist @kiahtaryn_

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  1. Katarina, I love how you never cease to question and that you question the questions. Reading your post was like listening to the thoughts in my own head! The question that stuck with me… WHO do we actually see?

    1. Kat Thorsen says:

      Thank you Natalie! YES- WHO???!!! 🙂 Hugs

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