Procrastination embraced. Journal exercise.

If you procrastinate, it has served you in some way. Welcome it! Congratulate yourself. Study its effects in your life, and its gifts – allow yourself to accept and then release your procrastination! – SARK

The following journal exercise can take you a few minutes or several weeks- totally up to you!

1. Get a composition book.  (Dollar store has delicious ones):IMG_3038.JPG2. When you finally get around to it, write today’s date (whatever that day may be):IMG_30453. Gather some drawing and writing supplies, so they are ready for when the time is right:IMG_3039.JPG4. Collect all your to-do’s in a basket, if they fit:IMG_3040.JPG5. Make a pile “to read” books.  This visual will make you feel productive:IMG_3042.JPG6. Grab a cup of coffee and your phone:IMG_3043.JPG7. Collect some stuff to eventually add to the composition book:IMG_3044.JPG8.  Go on instagram (essential):IMG_30469. Tweet a little (optional):IMG_3048.PNG10.  Wait for further instructions.  That’s enough for today.

Love Kat


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