Williams Lake/ Punky Lake Summer 2016 Diary- Part 5: Day 3 Celebration 



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Part 3: Art Camp Day 1 

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Part 5: Punky Lake Wilderness Camp Society Summer 2016 Art Camp Day 3- Celebration

Photo by Rick Magnell


Sitting here in my lovely hotel room organizing supplies and reflecting on this week…

It was the final day of the art camp today.  It was Punky Lake Wilderness Campy Society’s first ever art camp and I could not be more honored to have been able to facilitate it for the past three days.

We started the day with a beautiful OWL story and song from Elder Gary- speaking of our need to LISTEN and LEARN from animals for they are hurting too.  He spoke of animals, in particular owls as messengers.   I then led an owl drawing session- I loved that youth and adults alike dove right in using the techniques I have been sharing with them for the past couple of days!  FAST and VORACIOUS learners!

A team of students then pasted the rest of the drawings (wheatpasting is delicious fun!).  We were joined by photographer Rick Magnell who delivered print outs of his extraordinary portraits of the participants (blog post on Rick and his photography next week).

We pasted the photos in the midst of all the beautiful drawings and after a lovely lunch, spent time in circle reflecting and thanking each other.

Elder Gary who shared so many empowering prayers, stories and songs this week infused my drum with his healing energy:

I want to thank and acknowledge the Toosey (Tl’esqox) and Tsihquot’in First Nations, Old School Training and Recreation Complex and Punky Lake Wilderness Camp Society (Sarah Jackman, Samantha Dick, Bruce Baptiste, Ann Guichon) for hosting the Summer 2016 Art Camp. I also want to thank and acknowledge the chef, the photographer, the chaperones, youth workers and the participants!


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