Dead Bird Study Part 2

See: Part 1 PART 2: Watercolour, pencil crayon, ink, coffee, beet juice, salt, on newsprint, embroidery. Next up in Part 3 – add writing.

Decomposition study- the mouse. Part 3 of 3

See: Decomposition study Part 1 Decomposition study Part 2 Decomposition study Part 3: Natural watercolours by Caitlin Ffrench, ink, coffee, salt, embroidery thread, vintage beads and fabric.

Imagined bird nest: part 1

Pencil crayon, watercolour, ink, coffee, cherry juice on newsprint. Next step: collage, embellish and embroider

Elle Kari Study No. 2

Image reference: the vintage children’s book (with documentary photography) “Elle Kari” by Anna Riwkin-Brick and Elly James, Rabén & Sjögren, Stockholm, 1965 Medium: pencil crayon, ink, coffee, watercolour on newsprint- plus hot iron

Elle Kari Study No. 1

Image reference: the vintage children’s book (with documentary photography) “Elle Kari” by Anna Riwkin-Brick and Elly James, Rabén & Sjögren, Stockholm, 1965 Medium: pencil crayon, ink, coffee, watercolour on newsprint

New journal necessary today

February 10, 2021 New journal necessary today – it was a big day of BIG communication and BIG advocacy for my youth. February 11, 2021 Another big day of honest communication. I am tired, but light. February 13, 2021 Gift of a long weekend and snow. The week ended well and I had a personal…

My personal Covid Crafting Therapy

“Covid Crafting Therapy” is my ongoing personal process for relaxation, a type of journaling, a type of meditation. Every stitch a thought. It’s different from drawing, painting, writing. I’m not trying to find the style, the form, the character. I’m not trying find the perfect color, the perfect brush stroke. The perfect narrative. Crafting just… is. The…

Letters from St. Kevin

This all started because of a family Vacation Summer 1982 with my Dad, Mom, little brother. I am 20 at the time. The route: Nanaimo Campbell River Port Hardy Prince Rupert Hazelton K’san Smithers Houston Burns Lake Fort St. James Prince George Quesnel Williams Lake 108 Ranch 100 Mile House Cache Creek Kamloops Vernon Kelowna…

Entering the New Year with I Am’s and I Release’s

Recycled an old composition book I found in my paper box. Covered it with an old water-colour drawing created earlier this year when the first Covid lockdown made me eager to read Watership Down for some reason.     I RELEASE: My saudade My fears The fear that I will lose control over my project…

Journal entry December 1, 2020: I Can’t Write Right

When I can’t write, when I don’t feel right, I feel the black ink of angst/depression well up in my brain. And I pace around and around in there, first splashing in the black ink, then wading in it, then swimming, then oh oh – am I drowning? Ok, ok. Slow down. Use the ink….

My first diary…

My first diary… a gift on my 6th birthday on April 13, 1968 in Grums, Sweden. I remember feeling so secretive when I sketched and wrote in the pages. On October 31, 1968, we moved to Canada. I always marked my own work. “Rotten day for the girl today. Lucky lucky girl’s day. ho ho…

A year ago…

Oh sweet Squeak. Your body gave up one year ago (October 10) after your brave battle. But Reina and I still feel your spirit here in the apartment. My sweet lady.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 1933-2020

Meanwhile, nature enchants.

  It is Sunday morning and I look out my kitchen window, alarmed at the silence. There are no bird songs. No pigeons cooing, no seagulls screeching, crows cawing, sparrows singing… I took a walk into the park on Friday. Looking out over the ocean into the haze, eyes, stinging, feeling heartbroken for Earth. Meanwhile,…

Collaging as writing process

Collaging helps me write and stay in process. Images of the era (in my case the late 40’s) trigger ideas and storylines. (Thank you to Darcy for collage night, the LIFE magazines, the collaboration and the varnishing process! And chats!) See also:

I am obsessed with a photo of Lucy Knisley. So I had to sketch it.

I am obsessed with a photo of artist Lucy Knisley. So I had to sketch it in my journal. Those eyes. That spirit. That talent. I am, by my superficial definition, an ugly person. “I often stood in front of the mirror alone, wondering how ugly a person could get.” ― Charles Bukowski, Ham on Rye …

Dear Richard: corresponding with Richard Selzer, M.D.

I was going through some old journals two days ago and in the one dated June 2, 2002, I came across printouts of a very special email correspondence. Background: In the mid 90’s, I was told about a bookstore in Seattle by my dear friend, Patti. My (then)partner and I went down to Seattle a…