Part 5 daily journal workshop. NAKED SCREAM. #arttherapy




Part 3 HEART


Now that we have connected with ourselves in parts 1-3 and let it all out in part 4, it’s time to focus inward to the painful part, sit with it, then scream it out nakedly.

Close your eyes and feel where your soul’s pain and the tightness sits.  Is it in your head?  In your lower belly?  In your lower back?  In your heart?  Where is that nagging sore spot, where you perseverate over worries?

Open to a new page.

Feeling that pain, draw a naked figure in b&w and circle the tight area and fill it in red.   No worries if you “don’t draw.”  You do.  Just doodle.  Just draw.  For you.


Draw a shadow behind a figure.

Draw a scream bubble coming out of the figure’s mouth.  Fill in the first words that come to mind.

Now paint the page with natural liquids you find around you.  Crush and rub leaves.  Squeeze out juices.  Paint with tea, coffee… It forces you to walk the journal to the kitchen, be a little looser, more ugly.

My liquid selection was unsatisfying so now I add some acrylics, felt markings etc. and go deeper.

Now ask yourself why you focused on this particular worry and nagging anxiety today.  Write a sentence as to why.  Be positive.

We’re starting to dare to stop, turn around, face our fears nakedly, and eventually embrace them and even ask for help.  We’re getting there.  A step at a time.


We ALTER and STRETCH ourselves.


Find a favorite quote.  Choose a short one.


December 17, 2011

I went with my brother yesterday to a financial institution to get a handle on my financial picture.  I took the plunge and shared all my numbers with my brother and sister-in-law.  Feel exposed but supported.  And I HAVE ASKED FOR HELP by FACING MY FEARS HONESTLY!

Check out Maryellen Groundwater‘s Part 5:

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