Weekly artist exploration/journaling series: Week 2 Part 4 THE SILENT STUDIO #Picasso #arttherapy #wherewecreate

WEEK 2 PART 4: Picasso

Today think about the space where you create.  Maybe take a photo of where you are when you create.  Personally, I can be anywhere as long as I have some supplies.  Being a mom, I have trained myself to work “in total seclusion” in the midst of total chaos and I have no problem with noise and distractions.  Maybe I thrive on it?

But that being said,  I must remind myself that silence is important.

So today, sit in you creative space [wherever you happen to be in the moment] and be silent.  Then start to write or draw.  It can be anything.  But I suggest a bird.  Or a cat.  Stream of consciousness.  For at least 15 minutes.  In a quiet space.

 And mediate on Picasso.  His creative space.

I was so lucky to find the book  The Silent Studio (1st edition, 1976) by David Douglas Duncan at Vancouver’s Macleods’s Books (451 Pender Street) a few years ago.

The book itself is a work of art.  Filled with photos by Duncan of Picasso’s studio after his death in 1973.  Haunting, sad, magical, silent.  The book (no captions and mainly photos) is a love letter to Picasso’s last wife Jacqueline Roque.

today, at Notre-Dame de Vie,

Jacqueline’s flock of sheep

grazes beneath olive trees

of a studio now locked,

while Igor appears to watch

for someone he never knew

Jacqueline nearly perished after Picasso died Sunday noon, April 8th, 1973. For two years she languished in total seclusion…

Everyone tried to shield Jacqueline from the obvious agony of having professionals, court-ordered, inside her home cataloguing everything, even the contents of Pablo’s and her clothes closets.  Only rarely was a voice heard in that enormous house, then it was muted.  The experts have now returned to Paris.  Now it’s over.  She seems so relieved and exhausted. (from Preface)

Later today:

Picasso’s Influence.




Lisa Larson!

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David Douglas Duncan’s portrait of Jacqueline teaching Picasso a ballet routine in Picasso’s studio

Gabby Bernstein talks about sitting back and receiving, knowing when to take action and when to be still.  Stillness is sometimes the greatest action.

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