Change. What does it mean to you? #journalexercise

Change.  What does it mean to you?

Write it out.  Collect images that reflect your thoughts.


Sometimes I long for stability and sameness.  Change is the constant though.  I have learned to not fight it, learned to embrace it, and go in the direction that feels right in the heart and in the mind.

Change can mean loss. Change can mean gain.

Change can cause fear.  Change can be the catalyst to new paths.  I tend to want to cocoon when too much change happens too fast.  I need time to think.  To be still.  Like today.  I can only manage a few errands on my to-do list, but after that I want to remain wrapped in my tattered old cardigan, not visit anyone, not talk too much.  Just cocoon.

But cocooning itself is essential to metamorphosis.  We cannot avoid it.  I’m experiencing intense loss, a big change, but I am so ready for new wings.

I am not young anymore.  I may even be a grown-up.  Yet, I feel new.  Revealed.

China marker, pastel, linseed oil on wood. Based on Edvard Munch’s “Puberty.”