“Do you ever stop? I mean truly just stop?” How the #RightBrainBusinessPlan is helping me quiet my mind.

Kat, do you ever stop?  I mean truly just stop? Just taking a day and doing nothing, just drinking tea in pjs and doing nothing?

– Maryellen to me


I have to say the answer is no.  Or more accurately, yes- sometimes– but when I do, I feel my body reacting.  I feel the migraines come on- migraines that can start in the chest and move down to the stomach.  I get the doubled over mom-stomach.  Or it starts in the shoulders and moves up the back of the neck.  That’s my genetics.

Many migraine sufferers complain of headaches on weekends, vacations, or after a period of stress. Researchers at the Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx… found that patients had 20% higher chance of developing a migraine 12 to 24 hours after their mood changed from “sad” or “nervous” to “happy” or “relaxed”.


So hmmm. It’s weird for me to stop.  And as a single mom trying to keep up with debt, as an artist following her passion, as a self-employed and as a youth coordinator navigating the needs of an at-risk population, and as someone who always needs to feel productive… I can say my mind never does stop.


I am driven to follow my artistic vision and passion, but I am crippled sometimes by overwhelming anxiety and the need to stay on task, to keep at it.  I use my journaling and anxiety tools and when I am in the creative process, I flow.  I find peace .  A reprieve from the debts and anxiety.


But since finding the right brain business plan, I find my wake-ups easier, my mind on task, my directions making sense, my confidence increasing– despite the continuous debts and hurdles.  The toolbox is streamlining.

Chaos, control… you like, you like?

[Six Degrees of Separation]


I started using the right brain business plan book with my daughter as we created our business plan for by post street.  Life-changing.  There is a new sense of confidence and excitement that lifts me above the chaos of financial anxiety.

Now I am doing a new business plan as I work on my DRAWN TOGETHER workbook/workshop series that builds on my belief in the healing power of art and its ability to build connections.  I am going deeper into the right brain business plan book by doing the online course and the process helps not only the project but my entire life.


So DO I STOP?  No.  But I can release.  And decrease the stress.  So that those moments where I may find myself in my fantasy cottage and just sitting, I may actually breathe in the springtime and allow the stillness to soothe me, and my stomach is quiet, my belly soft, my heart gentle, my neck flexible, and my mind still.


I think of [rest and sleep] as one big ball of goodness. The most important ingredient for either is to apply without guilt or shame. So many people rest or sleep secretly, or feel like they need to explain or justify it! Think of sleep and rest as pure goodness multipliers, and don’t let anyone else’s opinions in.


Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 11.39.21 PM

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