Mindmap Tutorial Week Part 3: Stream of consciousness mapping

I am diving into a much-needed new mindmap this week, so I thought I’d create a tutorial during my process!

Tutorial so far:

Introductory blog post- mindmap tutorial week

Part 1: What is a mindmap?

Part 2: the Big Vision


PART 3 OF 7: Stream of consciousness mapping

In your journal start writing out categories, to-do’s, items, whatever comes to mind that you are grappling with right now.  Or if you are focusing on a specific project, business idea, story – whatever- write down all that comes to mind regarding the project.  Should other items pop up, write those down too, even if unrelated.  You are just spewing it all out onto paper.  This is chaos-onto-paper time.  Just keep the pen moving.  Trivial things can turn out to be important.img_5413

Now transfer these bubbles onto a large sheet.  Don’t worry too much where they are placed, though you can somewhat place them in related groups if you wish.


We are not making connections today.  We are just spewing it all out!

Sometimes this process is really easy.  Sometimes, like for me tonight, it’s very hard.  It’s a shitty evening.  That’s OK.  I forced the process anyway in order to get the buzz out of the mind.  I need to sort my next steps and this process always helps!


Part 4: Prioritizing/consolidating/connecting

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