Write and read anything… #TheSketchbookProject pages 33-35 #arttherapyforone


Theme: And Then There Was None

Pages 33-35

December 28, 2010

Write and read anything…

Wasting prisoner went down stealing.

He needs to get away so we allowed the watermelon to hide.

I see a chance.

And he smile and answer all calm.

Monkey.  Thousand.  Choice.

Invent tales.

His choices need not affect me anymore.

They were not my choices.



The right side.

Sometimes there is so much pain that we try to avoid…

But it doesn’t stop…

If we turn to each other and in an honest moment say, “Please help me.  I’m not perfect.  I need help,” then the pain can be managed.

Note: the antique book pages were purchased on ETSY from DIGITAL EXPRESSIONS & ARTFUL PAPERS!

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