Journal entry: Changes ahead. Surrending and allowing.

I sense big changes ahead.  For many of us.

Tomorrow I am sitting down with my daughter and with large boards and pens and laying it all out.

Where am I in this moment?  I will make a complete list of all debts owing, where my accounts stand today, and three months projections ahead.  I will make a fresh to-do list and a fresh wish-list and a fresh “this is what we need” list.  I will dare to look at it all.

Only when I get it out of my brain and aching heart, can I quiet the internal chatter, and with a clear head, weigh the options.

Only by accepting that all is ok in this moment, no matter where all the accounts stand, can I weigh those options, make bold moves, and ALLOW CHANGE.  It’s time to manage the moola…


Working on the mindmap the other day, really allowed me to uncover my heart.  No wonder I had a tough sleepless night after that.  My heart was truly exposed and open.


Open to accepting that I don’t need to fear change and uncertainty.


Jennifer Lyons joined me in today’s reflection.



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