Sacred Contracts Journaling Exercise: Series Part 1 of 8- Future and Present



Sacred Contracts Journaling Exercise Series

Part 1 of 8

Future and Present

Inspired by Caroline Myss’s book, SACRED CONTRACTS- awakening your divine potential, I am exploring/developing journaling exercises around awakening creative expression and tapping into the magic that makes you flow– that passion that fuels you, that call to action to step up and truly live a fulfilling life.

Have you ever wondered what your mission in life is supposed to be?  … Your Sacred Contract allows you countless chances to grow and change, dependent only on your willingness to pick up the subtle clues and cues that appear along the way.  Dreams, intuitions, apparent coincidences, and “chance” encounters are just a few of the cues that will lead you on the path to genuine transformation.

– Caroline Myss

Some of you may call BULLSHIT.  But hey- does a little magical thinking hurt?  Bullshit can be fertilizer, right?  Fertilizer to encourage growth.

As my sister-friend, Patti, would say- sometimes you have to sit in your own shit to move forward.


Inspired by Jennifer Lee’s The Right Brain Business Plan, let’s re-explore big-vision visualization and mindmapping.

For 10-15 minutes, write freely about your vision of your fully abundant future and success.  Don’t censor or hold back!  Follow  Jennifer Lee’s BIG-VISION VISUALIZATION SCRIPT (p. 34-36)

This used to be hard for me.  The anxious little girl in me would challenge any positive thoughts I had.  But with practice, I have found it easier and easier.  Now the words flow freely.  Hell, I’m not even embarrassed by it anymore.  TRY IT.

This time I wrote (unedited):

Where do I see myself the future?  Now?  Is it here?  I am fully successful having integrated my facets (my multi-faceted interests and talents) into one vision- awakening creative expression.  This awakening is both in myself and all those around me.  My curriculum development is a huge success locally and globally, bringing in revenue that allows me to live fully and freely and abundantly.  I no longer worry about money as all my ideas, projects and mission/vision have been implemented locally and globally in a sustainable business model that keeps me energized.  I illustrate books.  Molly is a huge success and her story engages the audience fully.  Her story expands into a full colour book at [dream publisher] and I am honoured with speaking engagements, exhibits and awards.  My next books flow easily.  2084 is fully illustrated and a huge success, reawakening the world to the illustrated book.  Anna works globally to engage cities in the BPS vision and we are sought after globally for our curriculum events and art.  We expand easily, keeping the model simple and manageable and sustainable.  I thrive in my airy light gorgeous apartment and work from home.  I wake worry free every morning and love life.  The hard work I have done all my life has led to my current success.  It just expands on itself.  All my bills are paid, my savings account builds rapidly each month, my entire family is thriving and I travel as I like and need and reconnect fully with my roots in Sweden.  I implement and oversee and enjoy watching people expand their lives with my program.


Now create a mindmap– start with yourself in the centre and without hesitation write in bubbles as you contemplate where you are right now.  It could mean where you are at this very moment or where you are this year and this place in your life.  Write and draw freely, allowing the connections to happen easily.  See where your facets and aspects relate into ONE YOU.




Stay tuned for Sacred Contracts Journaling Exercise Series, Part 2 of 8: where are your energy leaks?



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